The Process

Are you looking to recycle your bicycle tires, inner tubes, and even used bike batteries? At Velorim, we’ve made the process simple and convenient for you. Follow these easy steps:
  • Find your closest Velorim Centre: Our network of Velorim Centers makes it easy for you to locate the nearest one. Click here to find your local center.
  • Gather your tires, inner tubes, and batteries: Collect all the tires, inner tubes, and batteries you want to recycle. Check your garage, shed, or storage to ensure you don’t miss any.
  • Take them to your Velorim Centre: Visit your nearest Velorim Centre and bring along your tires, inner tubes, and batteries. Our friendly staff will be ready to assist you.
  • Smile nicely at the person behind the counter: A warm smile can go a long way! Show your appreciation to the person assisting you at the Velorim Centre.
  • Hand over your tires, tubes, and batteries: Pass your collected tires, inner tubes, and batteries to the staff at the Velorim Centre. They’ll ensure proper recycling and disposal.
    • Pay the levy: Help support the recycling efforts by paying the following levies:
    • Tire: £1.00
    • Inner tube: 50p
    • Battery: £25
  • Browse the shop and see what you need: While you’re at the Velorim Centre, take a moment to explore our shop. You might find additional tires, inner tubes, or accessories you need for your bike.
  • Leave with that warm feeling of a job well done: After completing the recycling process and supporting sustainable practices, you can leave with a sense of accomplishment and pride.
  • Note: Please do not send tires, inner tubes, or batteries to the administration offices. We cannot accept them at those locations. Kindly take them to a Velorim Centre as explained above.

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